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jQueryFileTree Demo

Example Use Cases

These are some pretty straightforward examples of what you can do with jQueryFileTree

Basic File Tree

   script: 'connectors/jqueryFileTree.php'
}, function(file) {
   // do something with file
   $('.selected-file').text( $('a[rel="'+file+'"]').text() );

Without multiFolder

   script: 'connectors/jqueryFileTree.php',
   multiFolder: false

Folders Only

   script: 'connectors/jqueryFileTree.php',
   onlyFolders: true,
   expandSpeed: 250,
   collapseSpeed: 250
Alternatively, you can use onlyFiles to filter folders

Custom Easing

   script: 'connectors/jqueryFileTree.php',
   expandEasing: 'easeOutBounce'
Any option other than the default 'swing' requires jQueryUI or third party lib like jquery.easing.js


   script: 'connectors/jqueryFileTree.php',
   multiSelect: true
Only tree items that have been loaded have the ability to be checked. If folder is checked but child elements have not been loaded, your server side script needs to have the logic to map the contents of the folder.


      script: 'connectors/jqueryFileTree.php',
   .on('filetreeexpanded filetreecollapsed filetreeclicked ...', function(e, data) {
jQueryFileTree triggers events for most unique actions: expand, expanded, collapse, collapsed, clicked